Children with their parents or older brothers, sisters, many teenagers, and an adult furry come to the same furry walks. Therefore, anyone can definitely find friends and the company of their peers among the furries. There is no age limit to be interested in anthropomorphs, draw and craft, walk, and help animals. It all depends on your desires and interests, so to think that you can join the community only from a certain age is a delusion. Is every furry obligated to have a fursona? The second most popular misconception is that every furry must have its own character (person). I have acquaintances who have been in the community for over 5 years but still do not have their own character. This is not a required item to be a furry.

Yes, perhaps it looks strange, given that our community is built on the fact that we often imagine and depict ourselves, our inner self, in the form of an anthropomorphic animal. Still, no one forces us to have our own version, and you can be interested in cute, go to various events, visit furry walks and chat with pussies – you will not be prohibited from doing this. Nobody will treat you worse if you have not yet invented your character or do not want to create a person at all – everyone is in your paws, and you will be welcome anyway. Do you need a fursuit to become a furry? An equally popular mistake is that you cannot become a furry without a fursuit.

Suit for Themselves

If a person has a costume or cosplay for his or someone else’s anthro-character – he doesn’t need to be a furry as if you do not have a fursuit, this does not mean that you cannot be in the community. Definitely, it is not necessary to have a fursuit to be a furry. And in general, not everyone wants such a suit for themselves, and not everyone wants to walk in it – everyone has their own tastes and interests. Likewise, with visiting furry events – you can come without Fursuits. Most of them do it. People chat, walk, have a good time, and hug pussies. Therefore, having a fursuit is a nice bonus and not a mandatory item to become a furry. Do you need to be able to draw or craft to become a furry? Of course, this is also a delusion.

Draw, craft, write music, create animations, write stories, etc. – that’s great, but you don’t have to create anything to call yourself a furred. Everyone chooses for himself how and in what to develop, which direction is interesting, and in general, your creative path may or may not be associated with furry. Someday we will finish the album … Someday … * Sad raccoon snort * Is it necessary for the character to be furry? Although furry is translated from English as covered with fur, this does not mean that your character must be furry. Remember the point about fursona – you may not have a character at all. Therefore, if a fursona is without fur, for example, it is a dragon or a lizard, a snake or a bird, etc., then you, of course, can be part of the furry community. As I said earlier, there is no canon, and everything is limited only by your imagination.

Furry Community

What do we get in the end? A person can draw animals or anthro animals, have such a character and co-play him or write books or stories about fuzzies. Still, if he does not consider himself a furry community, he and his characters will not be part of the subculture. Age, active participation in community life, fursuit, or creativity – does not in any way affect whether or not you can call yourself furry. Only you yourself, it is YOU who decides whether you like all this and whether you want to be a part of the subculture. To become a furry, you need – I look at the article “Hmm, cute. I want to be a furry,,” and that’s enough. Many adults and children in the community, many believers and atheists, many hetero families, and representatives of non-traditional relationships. Why is it so? Furry is not orientation, not age, not faith, not political views, we do not propagate anything, furries are people, we are no different in essence from others, but we want there to be more positive in this world so that no one animals hurt and help our smaller brothers as much as possible. Still, we see something fluffy, warm, and cute in ourselves, which can give positive to ourselves and those around us.

I do not speak for everyone, but only express my point of view, as I see it, and, of course, I am not going to force someone to live that way. For me, furry is exactly the positive that I want to develop and share – gray everyday life is diluted with bright colors and creativity, of which there is a lot in the community – surrounded by talented and kind people, you yourself become better, you get inspired and try to create something fluffy and beautiful.

Final Words

There is no condemnation here for the fact that you are not like everyone else because being normal is boring, and it is a drop of individuality that gives those colors in life that can give a smile to others – to be like everything is not obliged, it is better to be yourself. Of course, inside the furry community, as in other subcultures or among ordinary people, there are toxic and simply unpleasant personalities – this is just one of the characteristics of people, but as I said before, you yourself choose a company in which you are understood, where there are similar interests, and you are comfortable