Where do you get cheap paints from? How to save on stains? Is it possible to paint an MDF board? Where do you buy pallets? Not a single week goes by without such, and sometimes much more surprising, questions. We try to tell stories and advise as far as possible. And it is very nice that you are looking for such advice from us.

Forced sitting at home has awakened the nation’s DIY passion. And great, because the craftsmanship is a great way to survive this difficult time. You have a lot of questions about how to DIY at home. So we remind you of our little guide of ideas, tips, and sound advice that we have tried out for ourselves and that we can recommend with a clear conscience to everyone, both beginners and more advanced DIY enthusiasts.
So take it and use it, because it’s worth it. And appreciate! Because of this advice, all DIY stores will hate us.

Cheap, good paint

For wood, furniture, cardboard boxes, and even small wall decorations. We have tried everything available on the Polish market: expensive, mid-shelf and cheap paints. And most of the time, it’s not bad. But there is one painting that we have to keep in stock. Universal, very efficient; it is perfect for painting both raw wood and furniture. It is neither an emulsion nor a phthalic paint, so it dissolves in water. It is “ecological” – it has no strong chemical smell and is suitable for children’s projects.
This miracle is the most ordinary white acrylic paint from Empik. One that is sold in departments for artists, not DIY. Believe us. She’s excellent. It was with this that we painted, among others, a horned shelf or a herbarium from a palette.

Colors, colors 

Of course, sometimes it is worth investing in ready-made paint, which is very high-quality and specialized. But when we have a white acrylic base and do not know what color to decide on finally, instead of spending a fortune on ready-made paints from the catalog, dyes for wall paints are enough. There is a large selection of them in DIY stores, they cost from 4 to 10 PLN, and you can get almost any color palette.
The following dyes were enough for this chest of drawers: black, blue, and green mixed in various proportions.

A stain that doesn’t cost a fortune 

The prices of stains in DIY stores vary widely from PLN 15 to PLN 35 for a half-liter package. When you buy one, it is not a particularly large expense. But when more of them are needed – because the decision whether to use a light or dark walnut or maybe teak is often made at the last moment – then quite a lot can be collected.

There is a solution – powdered stains! The package costs only about PLN 3-4. It is enough to dissolve such a dye in hot water to obtain a product as good as a ready-made stain. What’s more, powder stains can be mixed and thus get many different, exciting shades.
We used such stains to renovate, for example, our PRL-style chairs.


But you do not meet them in the large stores of construction. You know: they are too cheap and too competitive. You have to go to specialist wood stores or look for them in online stores. But worth!

For boxes for bazaars 

Sometimes we read information from colleagues of DIY bloggers that they buy wooden boxes online. And we always want to laugh then. For what? It is enough to go to the first market (while shopping, which you have to do anyway) and you can buy them from sellers for just a few zlotys. In Warsaw, which is, after all, the most expensive city, they usually cost 5 zlotys per piece, and in Siedlce, for example, they once managed to buy them at a market for 3 zlotys per piece. Yes, they can be a bit dirtier than the “new-pieces” from the net, but what fun it is to get clean, sanded wood.

Handicrafts make a table from a wooden fruit box.

Magic soil

Sometimes a piece of furniture cannot be cleaned and sanded so that it can then be stained or painted with varnish. Of course, it is worth trying all cleaning methods, but when we have an MDF board, a laminate, or a varnish so hard that nothing wants to grab it, you can give up … or hold a particular ground. Roughen the surface and apply Interior Fix Primer from Flogger. Perhaps there are other products of this type, but we know this one, and we know that it works great. It is suitable for hard surfaces such as PVC, tiles, and even industrial coatings and glass, so it is excellent before repainting, for example, kitchen cabinets.

Recycled wood 

You can, of course, buy ready-made cut boards in supermarkets and carpentry shops. And there are projects where such decent wood is indispensable. But if you want to experiment, make an unusual shelf, a unique wooden clock or bird feeders together with kids, wood from pallets or fruit boxes is perfect for this.
This wood is dirty, crooked, broken, and sometimes of different thicknesses, but it can create exciting designs.
Such as this clock:

Wallpapering furniture for free The days when wallpapers were associated with boredom and uninteresting patterns are long gone. Now their choice is considerable, the colors and design are very varied and exciting. And what is essential, they are fashionable not only on the walls. They are perfect for decorating furniture. Patterns cut out of them, or whole fragments can give the table a unique character. They are also great for projects with kids. For example, a can covered with fancy wallpaper can be used as a desk organizer. We write more about wallpapering furniture.
You need to stick them and varnish them. Here is one more significant piece of advice! You don’t have to pay for them. We usually only need a bit of wallpaper to decorate a piece of furniture. The same as we are after renovation, or which can be obtained in DIY stores. These stores usually allow you to cut a bit (generally up to 30 or 50 cm) from open test rolls.

Do you have your DIY secrets? Could you share them with us and other DIY fans? After all, every mystery has to be revealed sometime!