The fact that the COVID pandemic will hit our health and the economy is, unfortunately, absolute. It is equally confident that many companies will not survive this impact. But we can also behave in solidarity in this challenge, and instead of counting only on the government’s anti-crisis shield, we can also help with our expenses to help those whose fate now hangs on a thinner thread.

The official economic name is “internal consumption.” This “consumption” is all our expenses, purchases, fees for services that together make up an essential part of the economy. When cinemas, cafes, restaurants, theaters, gyms, almost all shops, hairdressers, beauticians, and hundreds of thousands of other – usually small or very small – businesses are closed for a few weeks, this “internal consumption” will drop drastically.

We can survive without a new book, without a movie at the cinema, without coffee with friends, painted roots, delicious hummus from the local market, without a few hours on the treadmill under the watchful eye of a trainer furniture renovation workshops. It’s just that those few weeks without customers can mean a failure.

And that is why it is so essential today what purchasing decisions we make during a pandemic. We do not persuade you to overspend, to profligate in a situation when we are threatened with an economic slowdown, layoffs, or cuts in salaries. But we urge you to think about who supports it when you spend money and whether you can kill two birds with one stone: buy what is necessary and help entrepreneurs at the same time.

The internet swarmed with such initiatives. Booksy, a Polish application through which you can arrange cosmetic services, launched a great action. Due to the virus pandemic, users can support their favorite barber or manicurist by donating directly in the app. All you need to do is find the right salon on the list of service points and click on the “Send some support” field.

You can also speak directly to your favorite hairdresser and suggest that you pay in advance, e.g., for two consecutive visits. They will take place anyway, and it may allow her to raise money for the rent.

It is also worth thinking about local shops. It may be easier to do big shopping right away in the supermarket, but do you want to return to the world in which there will only be discounters in a few weeks?
For this very reason, Warsaw set off to save the almost 100-year-old garden shop ” U Jadzia. “The clients already publicized the problem with paying the rent for March, and… we showed that we could. There was such a line for flowers and pots that most of the goods were sold out, and it will be easier for the owners to survive this hard time. So, take a look around … there are more such “U Jadzia.”

Similarly, or maybe worse, in cafes and restaurants. They can only sell to take away, but it’s only 10-15 percent in principle. Their profits. That is why some of them, such as our friend, the excellent Kicia Kocia club and café, which is almost a local institution, organized the Virtual Reading Bazaar. The Facebook auction sells books (a lot about Grochów!) What are the building blocks to keep this place?

It is also worth watching the producers who are also fighting for survival. We support Power Flower (only so far, because they haven’t reached our area yet)! They are the owners of greenhouses with tulips that have just bloomed but… the market for them has drastically decreased. So the owner got in the car, drive it around Warsaw (the next locations where they will be posted on Facebook) and try to sell flowers in this way—of course, keeping all the safety and hygiene rules.

Today there are plenty of such initiatives and ideas all over Poland. Online stores, which today are one of the safer forms of shopping, are also full of promotions. But here, too, we encourage you to look for those in specialist stores, family businesses, enterprises that care about their employees and the quality of products.

There are a lot of such e-shops!

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