So that we know that we’re the ones who are actually going to be able to take action and be accountable to that goal, so that’s what a stands for r means realistic this is one of those like parameters that is all about asking yourself not only is the goal a realistic thing that can happen in the world but is it realistic to you are you really prepared to be able to put in the time and effort to actually achieve the goal I know when it comes to January 1st we all get this fresh start feeling because we’re telling ourselves a wonderful and beautiful story that this year is going to be different for us. So that affects our feelings, our thoughts always affect our feelings, and our feelings affect our actions um so we wake up in January setting these goals.

Your Goal is Realistic

That may be realistic in theory but not in practice for us. Eventually, when we start working on it, we end up hitting obstacles that turn us off from the goal because we weren’t setting them realistically. Now I don’t think that this means that your goal isn’t realistic that you shouldn’t set it. I think what you need to do is change your parameters right, so this is the purpose of this smart goal framework to identify the realistic goal for you. Do you have the time energy resources to achieve it this year, and then the t stands for timely or time-bound, so have you set an end date for when this goal will be achieved, or have you set a parameter? This is how I like to use the t in smart for when you’re actually going to work on it. Something that I do when I’m setting my goals at the beginning of the year is I will actually schedule my year into my project calendar for the year

when I’m actually going to be working on a goal, a lot of goals, I don’t start January 1st things have a specific time and a place. You know that quote, there’s a place for everything and everything in its place. I think that there’s a time for everything, and everything can be done in a time when we’re strategic. We actually map out the best time of year to actually work on a goal, so that is the smart goal parameters. If you’re setting vague goals that don’t follow those, you may be finding that you know you have a hard time following through, so if you need more information on setting goals and writing them down, then I definitely have some resources. I can leave for you down in the description of my productivity and planning mastermind membership. We just had a wonderful new year’s goal-setting class in December, and in January, we went ahead and did our vision boards together. If you become a member of the membership, that’s one of the ways.

Consider Checking Points

You can get some awesome classes and resources designed around my philosophies for how I functionally plan and execute my goals now. The third reason you did not achieve your goal last year was that you didn’t break it down into a project plan with clear steps and any working right, so again, it’s wonderful to have a goal written down. It’s wonderful to make sure it’s smart, right, but are you actually breaking down all of the action steps to know what you have to do so that you have a way actually to track your progress again? I have tons of resources for this in the mastermind, so definitely consider checking that out because if you’re really serious about actually setting your goals and following through on them, you’re gonna want to have project plans so that you’re able to map things out and execute on them.

I’ll leave my project planning inserts as well down for you in the description box now. Reason number four that you did not follow through with your goal is that you chose to execute the strategy wasn’t effective. Now I personally believe that there are numerous different ways that we can achieve any goal or objective. I think that certain ways work better for certain people, so it’s possible that when you laid out your goal and maybe you even made a project plan, that you just chose a strategy that, although it may be effective for some people. It wasn’t effective for you. Something that comes to mind when I think of this is sometimes weight loss and health-related goals. There’s a lot of different philosophies for weight loss and nutrition plans and things like that. Some don’t work for certain people right, so I don’t think there’s anything to feel shame about things like that.

Last Words

It just realizes you know what you put in a great effort, but you didn’t use a strategy that works for you. Guess what you figured out what doesn’t work? Now you can find out what does work, so definitely re-evaluate your other options for hitting your goal. Don’t let the effort that you already put in go to waste. Go ahead and give yourself grace, give yourself a fresh start with a new strategy, and you may find that you have more success the next time around. Reason number five that you may not have achieved your goal in the past is that. You weren’t checking in with your goal often enough. I think this does happen to many people as well, even people within the planning community who know how to set their smart goals and know that they need to have project plans to break them down to, you know, track.