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How Power Search Works

First Select a Program according to your prizebond program. For example choose a Denomination estimated at Rs. 100 /-

After selecting a program, the schedule will be updated below. Select any program you want to search for or select a "six year schedule" to search for your prizebond numbers for the past six years.

After selecting a schedule, there are two prizebond search methods..

Search your multiple prizebond

In the search box you can type multiple prizebond numbers with a comma (,) or space seperated. Example: 343444,736788,874563 OR 343444 736788. then press the search.

Search your prizebond numbers in sequence

If you have prize obligations in the sequence range you will have to use the sequence of prizebond numbers.

Enter a list of the first prizebond number and the last prizebond number to search between those numbers, then press the search button to get results.