Well done. Both our groups went all out once we hit the stage. Of course, After all, we’re going to have a blast with our fans today. That’s right! Full Fest is the best! Everyone, we’ve missed you! The older members are so rowdy up on the stage. All right, let’s get rowdy, too. Yay! Yay! Yay? That’s too cute for us. Let’s greet everyone properly. Welcome to the Full Moon Festival. I’m the leader of Six Gravity, Mutsuki Hajime. I’m the leader of Procellarum, Shimotsuki Shun. This is the joint concert of Procella andGravi that you’ve been waiting for. The Full Fest (Full Moon Festival)! We’re pleased to see you all. The dream stage that the 12 of us have created with you… Full Moon Festival… Starts now! I can reach my dreams. GET Did you take your wallet? Did you forget anything? Constantly You don’t need an umbrella in this weather, don’t you?

World The vivid

Nothing changes Everything’s connected Shining gold now Complete A forward-moving Beat I light a candle for Your sadness Shining gold now Complete An accelerating Heart Beat Long time no see, I wave. The hour hand starts to turn Ah, it’s hard to communicate It’s getting harder to give a simple answer I have no choice but to give up today All the words hidden in my heart It’s not wrong, it’s not a joke But, but, but The feelings we’ve had since we were young Gently and quietly Seal off the world The vivid, awe-inspiring, and proudly blossoming posture Let’s put our hands together again Hold our breath, gaze at the future ahead I believe it’s not too late to spread the wings Heaving the lingering feelings for you in my heart I believe one day, it will get through to you To the sky where cherry blossoms dance. Your attitude is different. Your smile is fake. You’re still adorable.

I can’t hold you The burning majestic sun, shines on you and me Burning all negative emotions to ashes Come on, my sunshine I will never let go It’s a strong bond It’s an untitled story, I can’t read it alone We need to paint together to brighten life Come and listen, there’s still a long way to go This is a beautiful world without lies Can the oriole still laugh loudly? Its voice is still like it was that day. Even so, it still sings gently in my heart Haru, well done.

I am the Devil

Well done! We’ve sung songs back to back. Are all of you feeling high? Now, three of the Gravi members have performed their solo track. That’s the first half of the concert. When we’re performing on the stage, time goes by so quickly. Exactly. We really want to keep singing till the time is up. That’s a new way of putting it. But I totally get it. Since Kakeru’s impressive opening performance, each of us has caught on to that mood and kept the spirit up. That’s right. Thanks for starting the concert every time, Kakeru. You’re too kind. Honestly, I used to think that it was really a huge responsibility to do the opening performance. Lately, if I don’t get to do it, I feel a bit uneasy instead. All six of us are totally different. But when the six of us get together, we’re able to perform beyond six people’s abilities. The grave is so, and Procella, too. Yes. Only with a joint concert can we get to show off such charisma easily. Exactly! Every song projects a very different conception of the world.

Therefore, it hasn’t been easy to come up with suitable stage effects. Lighting, sound effects, special effects, the staff have also gone all out for that. We still have three members who have yet to perform. Procella, you still have four to go? The legendary Procella is finally here. Hi, everyone. We’re known as “the Devil and his happy companions.” Also known as Procellarum. Is it okay to introduce ourselves like this? On that note, I am the Devil. What? What? Even Shun is shocked. Okay, let’s let the happyProcella members take over. The grave will head backstage to get ready.

Okay! Gravity sure leaves really quickly. They sure do. Well, that’s because… We’re Procellarum! Thanks for enjoying the concert with us so far. Iku managed to take over. He’s so reliable. Including me, four Procella members have yet to perform our solo tracks. I’ve been watching backstage on the monitor. I’m already too excited to sit or stand. However, I’m still a bit nervous. Hey, come on. Are you still nervous now? Once we start performing, will you have the time to get nervous? Yes, I am always nervous. What is that about? If you’re talking about that casual sort of random anxiety, I often feel that way, for example, during live streaming events. After all, it’s a live performance without any retakes.

Final Word

That’s why whenever I’m on the stage, I have to show my determination in getting things done the way it should. Basically, I don’t get nervous at all. I’m well aware of that. Yoru’s anxiety, Iku’s nerves… And the audience’s excitement and passion! These emotions are all here in the stadium. This does make me feel quite dreamy. I get you. I also find it dreamy. If we add music to the emotions, it will make us all really happy. It makes us want to remain on the stage and keep on singing. This really is a wonderful experience. All right, let’s keep going till the end! Next, let’s continue with the medley.