Hello, Friends, Welcome to Buffer Life YouTube Channel. I am Deepak Rajpoot. My Best Friend made this Game with hard work. So, I am sharing this game with you. So, we were hoping you could play this game day and tell us how you like it. People enjoy playing games this, and we make this amazing game for you. So the game is SuperFly Zoo. It is recently launched and available on play store and ios. I am also going to show you how it looks and how to play it. I am requesting you to download and play this game and let us know how much you like it. So let’s begin. I typed superfly zoo in the play store, and here is the game; let’s install it.

Game Controls

I played this game lot of time and now showing you how to play it. It is available on android and ios, ok, so the game is installed. Very simple and basic, it’s our new project, so we need your support. So we can make development in the future. Ah… let play it. Here is the game, here we have to take that heart, and bluestone and control are on the left side we have saved ourselves from these missiles and bullets it is effortless and basic… ok. Nowadays there is a lot of heavy graphics game. We used to play this type of game in our childhood. It is amazing. Oh, I crashed with it. I lost my points o shit. Again I think I am gonna die. And the game over so, download and try this game and give your feedback. Oh, I got it in the beginning. I got two gems. The heart is above.

I got seven hearts in starting. There is one more on the below right side. I also take this one. I am gonna die lost two points, so when I take it to heart, I got one point, and when I crashed, I lost two points. The missile takes my one point, and the bullet takes two points, not a bullet. It may be something else.

Final Words

So, you see how the game is. So download it right now and play it. We want your feedback. It is a perfect game for time passing, with no heavy graphics to work on all small and big budget phones. I am Deepak Rajpoot. See you the next time. Thank you.