Today we tested the drink. I drank 4 glasses. She was a little sleepy after drinking the drink she left. Such euphoria now, as after training. Am I had breakfast early, at 6 am. An exciting drink. Today we tested the drink with the team. And with subsequent glasses, it was also. Now I’m relaxed. I definitely won’t sleep for 5-6 hours. I don’t want to. I feel cheerful. I want to take a walk. How much did you drink? Three glasses. Describe how you felt. I asked him to introduce me to the management of the company. And after meeting the management of the company, I decided to invest in AQUIX. Because I saw the future in this company, and the technology itself inspired me. Some definite income comes because I create a team.

Vending Machines

I have one of the biggest teams in the company, About 10,400 people at the moment. And my partners continue to invest too. Because AQUIX is not just vending machines, will it be a holding or a corporation where other products will be sold? Dear friends, hello. This is our ready-made Ozonator, a vending machine. Built-in monitor. Here is a cavitation unit with a collapsed chamber, which will be embedded in the machine itself. Now we’re doing tests, testing supplements. So now the device is completely ready for operation, to small batch production. At the end of January – at the beginning of February, we will already launch machines based on cavitation water. In this case, this is the prototype of the water-based collapse chamber itself, water collapse. This is our tank itself, a boiler, where the main water volume is heated to 173 degrees.

Here we have a pressure of 8 atmospheres. This is a relief valve, a safety valve, liquid level, the main valve in front of the collapsed chamber for sampling the substance itself, that is, water. Thermal sensor After reaching the temperature, as now, we turn on the valve, we supply hot water to the collapsed chamber under pressure already a little more than 8 atmospheres, should be about 6.5 with the valve open, After the collapsed chamber, all this liquid goes into the storage. This blue steel tank is an expander for collecting cavitated water. Now is the time to start this water cavitation process.

Happy New Year 2021

Under pressure and high temperature, what will we do now to accumulate it in the expander? Now we are running out of water when we use up the bulk of the liquid, but not until the end of this whole tank. We’ll cool it down and turn it off, am the expander is almost full, now we will wait for our produced water to cool down a little. And we will serve it in the machine. Our installation prepared the Izoneum, which will now go to this machine, am. Now, the water comes from the expansion tank to the hydraulic system of the machine. Here’s our drink. Dear friends, partners of our company, investors. Happy New Year.

And I want to wish you all so that in the coming year, the very miracle of which we all dream so much will happen to us. Dear investors and partners of our company, I wish you all a Happy New Year. I wish you all prosperity, achieving your goals. Our company has developed on a global scale in 1 year. We are already known all over the world. So if you haven’t invested yet, please invest.

Name is Sergey

The future is ours! What do you think AQUIX is? AQUIX is the best thing that could happen to you and us. Happy New Year to you, Merry Christmas, our dear partners and investors, and everyone who supports us! It is thanks to you that we do these fantastic things. My name is Sergey. I am at AQUIX. I am engaged in industrial design, marketing, am 3D content production. It was a very productive and positive year for our large team, am for our company AQUIX. We made a good start.

Happy New Year to you. I wish you all success. Dear partners, I wish you a Happy New Year. This year, the most important event is that we have become a joint-stock company, and all our shares turned into stocks. We have finally invented the Izoneum drink using unique equipment, which next year in vending will be supplied to Europe and Asia. Iconium will bring the first profit to the company with which you, dear partners, get dividends. Congratulations on this! Good evening, dear partners and participants of the AQUIX company. On behalf of our entire company, I want to congratulate you. We have completed the corporation process. We have completely formed the international concept of interaction. We have registered a trademark, almost finished the trademark registration according to the method for the invention of water vapor cavitation.

Final Words

We have prepared a digitalization concept, which in 2021 we will definitely implement in our life, so once again, I want to congratulate you on the onset of 2021 to wish you all the best. Dear friends, let’s summarize. It was a difficult year; we survived. We did an incredible amount of work, closed the first stage. And in general, if you sum up everything that we have done this year, one thing can be said – we have assembled a great team, who is not afraid of challenges, knows how to solve crazy problems. And in general, with this team, you can move not just mountains but Galaxies. Therefore, I congratulate you all on the fact that we are participating in such a collective project. Who comes to success, he is almost half a step to success.