We’ll leave this to you? Sure! Even if the wind makes us stagger, Despite the frightening starless sky, We never give up. We will go to the no man’s land There is no end to this Valiant Journey It will lead us to tomorrow We might feel lost against the storm But we won’t stop, we’ll keep moving, Restart I’m the one to fulfill this wish I can tell you right away I will keep searching What I love must be close by A small seed of “like” Will one day bloom into the big flower of “love” The infinite energy is bestowed on you alone Nobody else can imitate Only you can perceive the gentle miracle Burn everything to ashes and sing!

The sun will still rise tomorrow Move toward your goals, HEY! HEY! Everybody gets anxious, HEY! HEY! Even when suffocating LiveLive, keep living, HEY! HEY! You’re right by my side. HEY! HEY! You haven’t left me yet. Open the window Ah, vast skiesbroadclear and bright IfI wherewith you Look (Yes! We can fly together) I can fly(whatever waiting for us!) Wherever(Yes! We can fly together) Keep flying(whatever is waiting for us!) The breeze whispers to me when I awake. Our days are gone To search for our lost memories. We catch the clouds and peek through the crack of the night. The moon floats quietly in the air.

Overflowing Words

They know all about you and me Let the silent memories Shine upon the night I will keep waiting Until you share everything with me Even until dawn Nothing will ever change The purple blossoming everywhererippling in the dark, how gorgeous Overflowing words in my heart left deeply engraved marks Your voice is like a dream Unexpected, dazzling From now on The meticulously crafted moon announces the beginning Swear to the January moon, as purple butterflies dance Everything begins to sing here Like a king, blossoming now You are one of a kind (Showtime) You don’t belong anywhere “You are the transparent EMI-finished product” No answer can be found (No answer) Can’t continue this boring life.

It hurts so bad Ah, keep lying to yourself Keep shaking, and shining, just like that… “I hear you” Cry for me, hold on to your beautiful colors. Cry for me, don’t be tainted by poison and sin. Everything belongs to you. “Hear me? I can’t help it. What if I’m too overwhelmed to express myself with words? Just sum it up with one sentence. That’s what you do best. Is that so? I know I’m bad with words. You don’t need to say too much—just one sentence. I want to hear it. Say it to me. I love it. I love everyone here.

Six Gravity

I love this place, this experience. I also love myself, who is standing right here. You sure are good at this. This is a killer quote. The special time we’ve had is actually spent on an ordinary day. There are ups and downs in life every day. Sometimes, it’s just an ordinary day. However, you are the constant in our lives. You are always here for us. We hope you’ll commend yourselves. Thank you for supporting us. We’ll also support all of you—no matter when and what. We are right here by your side. Let’s go, Six Gravity! Come here, Procellarum! Wow Wow Wow… Surpass our dreams Sing, shout, heart to heart Poem of the moon Get down! Hell yeah! The moonrise came again. Say! Uh-huh!

Final Words

Way to go! We aim for dozen tops The restless of the opening is rising Body temperature warms our palms However dim the light is, it will turn into shining stars Can’t control the anxiety in our hearts The lights quietly fall and gather Accept everything Even if we feel hurt all over As long as we have the courage to go on Only by dancing without hesitation we have an impressive ending Glamorous and luxurious Freestyle is the party’s password I can’t wait In the outer space, beyond reach Take to the future Fear, not the darkness, I want the flowers To bloom in Heaven The ending and the beginning Gradually vanish Born together in this time and space Using our songs