Hey guys, and welcome to blog tip Tuesday, where I share helpful blog tips every Tuesday. In today’s video, we will talk about how to make money with the amazon affiliate program,m like four to five thousand dollars per month. Stay tuned so I can tell you guys all about it and everything not to do so you don’t get kicked out of their program, which is pretty easy to do and, so you guys know. I make the most money on my blog with affiliate marketing. My absolute favorite way to make money online by amazon associates was the very first program where I earned money with my blog.

I made a whopping 59 cents, and honestly, that was all the motivation I needed to say, okay, this blog thing can work. Knowing that someone trusted what I said, clicked on my referral link, and made a purchase was everything. After that, I was hooked, and a year later, I made six figures with affiliate marketing now. For those of you who are not familiar with affiliate marketing is when you refer a product or service to someone using a unique referral link. If they make a purchase using your link, you earn a commission. Let me give you an example of how the amazon affiliate program works, so to say, for instance. Someone reads one of my articles. They click on a product. I recommend it from amazon now.  It’s going to be my referral link, which I will show you how to do in a second. Still, it takes them to the Amazon website if they purchase within 24 hours.

Amazon’s Affiliate Program

I get a commission because I caused that reader to visit amazon’s website, and they made a purchase and did you know what I love most about amazon’s affiliate program so? Say that reader said, oh yeah, let me buy some pots for sally’s open house coming up. I will also get a commission on those pots and anything else she buys, and if that reader doesn’t even purchase the product, I recommend it but still buy something else during their visit. When they click on my link within 24 hours, I still earn a commission, and as many of you know, you can buy practically anything on Amazon, so the higher the price or, the more things they buy, the more money I earn.

This is amazon’s way of saying thank you, partner; here’s a little kickback for bringing people to my website and encouraging them to make a purchase, but they are not that generous because they offer one of the lowest commission rates out there.

Commission Rates

when the pandemic hit they slashed their commission rates to almost nothing here is a chart of their current commission rates now they put products in categories so think about some of the things that you recommend to get a general idea about what your commission rate will be now i know the chart is pretty small so i will put a copy in the description below so you can check it out after this video now when amazon slashed their commission rates many bloggers gave up on them but i can’t and i won’t because each month more than 197 million people visit amazon and of those 112 million people are amazon prime subscribers which means that they can get most products in a day or two with free shipping and it also means if they need to purchase something they are most likely going to try and buy it from amazon because they can get it so quickly i know because that’s what i do and even if you don’t use amazon it doesn’t matter to make money you need to think about what platform most people are going to buy from because you’re not writing for yourself you’re writing for other people so even though they have crazy low commission rates

you still can make a living off of this affiliate program alone because my good friend debbie gardner she makes a consistent four to five thousand dollars per month with amazon commission now i’m going to discuss how to do that shortly but let’s first talk about how to actually apply for the amazon affiliate program and a tip that most people don’t know so to first apply to amazon’s affiliate program go to this link and i’ll put it in the description below so you can just easily click on it now you want to go through the process of signing up the one requirement that you need to have in order to apply to the amazon associates program is that you need to have a functional website now if you don’t have a website i’ll link my step-by-step guide in the description below so you can check it out follow it create your website and it is pretty easy to do i really do have to tell you guys now when you are putting in your information you want to make sure that you link both your website and all the social media accounts you’re going to use when you’re promoting your amazon links this is very important once you’re signed up you are in the program for a trial period until you have three qualified sales so qualified sales mean that you need to have at least three people purchase from one of your affiliate links within the first 180 days.

Final Words

so once you apply, the clock starts ticking. The race is on to get people to buy from your links now. If you don’t get enough sales by 180 days, you will get rejected, but you can always apply again and try again but let me tell you something trying to get your friends and family to click on your links and purchase from amazon doesn’t work trust me I tried it.