I set myself a challenge of producing a video a day, which I found pretty quickly was, was virtually impossible. Well, impossible for me. What it got me into, though, was that habit of creating a video regularly. Then at the beginning of February, I decided to create videos on KDP publishing. So really to niche down. And that’s when the views started to come in. That’s when the subscriber numbers started coming. And so since that time, the subscriber numbers have gone up to about 15,000. I think it’s currently around about 15 and a half thousand. So that’s not bad, I think, over 11 months. I know some channels can, you know, get hundreds of thousands of subscribers during that time, but pretty pleased with that.

And I think it’s brought in a pretty good income over that time. The plan over this next year is to continue producing videos, work on the quality, and maybe create a course sometime in 2021. Because I know I get a lot of questions about that and a lot of people asking if I’m going to produce one or if there’s one available. So that’s something to look at, but certainly going to be producing more content, working on the videos’ quality. I think it’s important, you know, to keep just improving things as you go along. Now we come to the KDP books, and let’s look at income for December. Now, remember when you see this figure, we’ve got to take off the spend for ads. So in December, the income from the sales of books was $5,671 and 35 cents, which is good.

KDP Reports

Sales did start to increase from October onwards, which is the last quarter or Q4. And these obviously increased to this level. For some reason, I can’t get up the number of books that were sold in December. They seem to have changed the platform on the KDP reports beta, so I can’t get that exact figure, but it looks like it’s probably around about the 3000 bookmark that was, was sold. Now I mentioned an ad spent on takeoff, which was quite large in December, and that was $1,215 and 70 cents. That’s obviously higher because more people are shopping on Amazon. So the overall income from KDP in December was $4,455 and 65 cents. Now I’ve had many massages in comments and personal messages from quite a lot of people telling me how, since they’ve started this year producing books, they have experienced pretty decent sales, and some have done really, really well making a few thousand dollars in December.

Now I’ll tell you about my timeline in a moment when we came to the total sales in 2020, but I’ll just quickly show you how the sales progressed over December. There were pretty consistent. The usual ups and downs, we have this sudden drop off on the 24th, 25th of December. That’s because Amazon’s not sending that many books on those days, but you know, the number of sales per day was probably just under a hundred, again, pretty pleased about. So what does that mean for total income in 2020 from KDP book sales? Well, this came to a total of $33,192 and 47 cents. Again, which I’m very pleased about.

Mostly Passive Income

This is mostly passive income because the timeline for this was I started in around, I think it was August 2018 creating these books. Then I learned the process created lots of books. In total I’ve I think I’ve got around about 2,400 books on Amazon. Then I developed a particular style of a book back in June 2019 and created quite a few books from that style or using that style. And those books produce or create the most of my income. And in fact, 10 books in that style create the big bulk of the income. So really, from about June onwards, I’d say it was the time that those books created this amount that you can see today. That doesn’t mean you can start on day one, create the books, and expect to make this sort of amount. A lot of people are actually making more.

Again, I get reports from people who are making, you know, $7,000 a month selling these books, which is fantastic. And I really want you guys to succeed in this if this is something you’ve started to do, but this income you see here is actually passive. I didn’t produce many books in 2020, mainly because I was concentrating more on this YouTube channel. And the work that goes into the YouTube channel was a lot more than I actually thought it would ever be, which didn’t give me as much time to produce these books. But the royalties from these books are a passive income. Most of it has come from work. I did in 2019, and I always consider passive income to be the gold standard of income. I notice from my books that income did start to increase in May due to the whole lockdown house arrest scenario.

Final Words

I don’t know what’s going to happen going forward. Hopefully, I’d like to see the sales continue to increase, but what I’m going to do in 2021 is definitely start to produce a lot more books. As I mentioned in an earlier video, I am doing this 30-day challenge in January, where I’m producing a book a day and hopefully, continue that through January. Now, if you’re starting in this business or you’re already in this business, I think it might be worthwhile doing something like that because it will get you into that habit of producing books regularly.