I will talk about how I stopped being a loser and went from a poor broke pizza boy to an international speaker, wall street journal best-selling author, and multi-million dollar entrepreneur. The first step to not being a loser is to subscribe to my youtube channel because I release videos on how not to be a loser all the time, all right guys. Hence, here’s the man the funny thing about uh me coming out here and doing my song and dance and doing my videos and looking all professional and stuff and having these fancy cameras and this nice office and all this jazz is that I used to be a complete la who the that was me don’t ask me what with the hair I blame whoever I was dating at the time for letting me do it anyway.

Making Fundamental Decisions

So I used to be a pizza boy musician. All i used to hang out, smoke pot, play music, smoke cigarettes, and not really have much ambition in life or the ambition that I did have. I didn’t want to make that ambition happen, and i was a total loser. I was fat. I was out of shape. I was not very smart; I just talked about stupid things, i hung out with people that didn’t bring my life any value, I let people take advantage of me. I was a loser. I started making fundamental decisions and mindset shifts that took me from being a loser to, you know, building a business becoming an authority in my space i mean guys, you got to understand everybody that i knew when i was younger literally called me a loser said i was a loser said i  would never amount to anything and fast forward to around this time is maybe a year ago.

I spoke on the same stage that tony robbins spoke on. I mean, so here are some fundamental things that I did differently that caused me to stop being a loser. The first thing is I started being solution-focused rather than problem-focused, so if you’ve ever watched the show um bar rescue, I remember I actually used to own a bar back in the day. That’s what got me into the show. I know it’s dramatized and all that, but he always the guy I forget the dude’s name that was on there. John Taffer used to say, you know I don’t focus on problems; I focus on solutions, and so one thing that losers do myself included back then was I would always focus on the problem; I’d always talk about the problem.

Make You Feel Better

You know I’d always be sitting there complaining about it or just sulking in it or talking about how bad my life is. Guess what you sit there, and you complain, and you talk about how bad your life is, and you beg for sympathy. Your life ain’t going to get any better. No one cares. No one should care. You don’t deserve for anybody to care. Nobody’s going to be able to help you the best you’ll get is your close friends and family members saying, oh, it’s okay and giving you some bs excuse to make you feel better, ultimately the only person that is going to be able to make a change in your life is you.

So sitting there complaining about it and asking for sympathy is really just a futile exercise. It’s not going to do you any good it’s going to give you a little hit of dopamine when your brother, your mother, your best friend says it’s okay, it’s okay just releasing that that serotonin right that’s all you’re getting it’s a chemical reaction get off your butt and do something about it okay if you always get interrupted when you’re trying to do work tell people that you’re not going to answer text until 6 pm don’t answer text put your phone on silent whatever you have to do shut up about how bad it is and focus on a solution that’s the first thing become solution-oriented, not problem-oriented so if you don’t have a good job look for a better job if you say well I would love to start a youtube channel and really go crazy on camera, but I’m an introvert and.

Final Words

It’s not me all right, well, guess what? Do it anyway  research how introverts can be entertaining like   do the work go out there and figure it out all  right if you say well I’m overweight and I oh I don’t feel good I’m overweight I can’t get to the gym well figure it out   all right figure out where you can buy better  food how you can get to the gym more   you know figure it out stop talking about how  terrible it is and start talking about