So let’s go check out this restaurant thereby it will drive more business into the owner of that restaurant and help him make more money that way too now what you want to do it is you want to send him a message click on message right here and you’re going to it pops up it’s right behind me here you can see it popped up right here but you want to send them a message you want to explain to them that you are a social media consultant and you have about let’s just say six years experience it doesn’t matter just put down whatever you want and that you help businesses grow their Facebook pages by Facebook page likes and then you want to just give him the benefits of increasing his Facebook page likes such as it will drive more business into his business.

so that he can make more money as well show him the benefits of that right so what you’re going to do is send him a message now what you’re going to do is tell him that you’re charging 300 per 10 000 facebook page likes you can even do custom orders you can do ten twenty thousand thirty thousand fifty thousand whatever but you can tell him that you’re for ten thousand facebook page likes you charge three hundred dollars for that then send that to him and if he responds and and and likes what you’re offering and orders the 10 000 he’ll pay you the 300 either through paypal or however you want to do it you’re going to have to set that up with with them on how you want to be paid either by credit card or into your bank account or by paypal or how whatever method you want to be paid you want to make sure that you set that up with the already ahead of time so that the business owner can pay you okay so let’s say for example this guy accepted our offer he wants 10 000 more likes on his facebook page bringing him to 17 000.

Likes Bucks per Thousand

now how are you going to do that one thing you could do is you could come over to google and you can type in the google search engine buy Facebook page likes but you’ll find hundreds of them but the problem is that most of them are very expensive you know it’d be like 40 bucks per thousand i mean it’s very expensive but actually i found one that’s the cheapest that i found and you want to come over here to this site right here and if you look right here it’s called yo-yo media.if you see it up here in the address bar it’s yoyo media dot in right here what you want to do it’s free to sign up here guys and make sure that you check your email for a confirmation message and then come back and get signed in and then you want to click on services or you can click here under services and click here under all categories and as you can see right here guys.

I mean you can do Instagram followers and likes and uh everything to do with Instagram here everything to do with Facebook everything to do with youtube Twitter tick-tock and Linkedin i mean it’s just all the social media sites are listed right here on this site so what i did was is i clicked on Facebook page likes right here you see that Facebook page likes and it brought this up here and you can see for example there’s several of them here you can buy 10 thousand of them here which is a minimum order shows the rate per thousand is twelve dollars here minimum order is five hundred maximum order is ten thousand or you can look right here it’s even cheaper Facebook page likes for three dollars and fifty cents per thousand okay.

Creat Engaging post

so what you but it’s a maximum order of five thousand so let’s say you wanted to purchase ten thousand well if you uh look you figure that ten thousand times three point five at one thousand three hundred three dollars and fifty cents per one thousand that’s going to be about thirty-five dollars per ten thousand will cost you thirty-five dollars so think about this for a second you find somebody interested in this and they tell you they’re interested in the pay you 300 you bring that money over and you spend 35 dollars get them ordered this one twice right here five thousand two times and you can get them for thirty-five dollars you’ll get them their ten thousand page likes and you will come away what’s uh 300 minus 35 without using my head that’s 265 dollars that you’ve made just in that quick in probably one day and then.

Last Words

what you want to do guys is just come back to google and do this over and over and over again in as many niches as you can think of and just do it over and over and over and get people to help these businesses raise their Facebook page likes and your you know you may get a lot of people that will turn you down but that’s okay just keep going and do not give up do it over and over and over and you’ll see that pretty soon you’ll start getting people that will accept your offer and for ten thousand Facebook page likes for three hundred dollars and uh that will help them and then you want like i said to explain the benefit to them and pretty soon you’re going to be making a lot of money hand over fist over and over again and so on so just don’t quit keep doing.