Hello everyone! It’s been a while. Briefly explain the reason why I filmed the video after a long time. The first is the announcement, and the second is the Howl video. To briefly explain why we haven’t uploaded the video these days, A lot has happened, and it changed my mind. The values of life, I think, have also changed. It became difficult for me to shoot a video while laughing; I needed time to maintain it, so I took a break from the video. During that break, the corona got worse. The more time you are at home and do a lot of housework, I created a new Vlog channel. It’s a Vlog channel like daily life, cooking, hobbies, and cleaning.

If you are curious about my new channel or like the calm Vlog, I’ll link in the more section, so I think you can subscribe to it. I sang, but as I didn’t do it, I couldn’t get it. I don’t think I’ll be able to sing at all. To sing again, I urgently uploaded a cover video on a new channel. For the cover video, I’ll put a link on the top right. I bought the equipment while preparing the cover video! So I’m going to do that equipment review today. To briefly explain this equipment, Those who can’t afford to do home recording at home! It would be best to buy a vocal booth, Vocal booths are expensive, but the area is too large. It isn’t effortless to install in a general home. So I bought an item that could be used instead of the vocal booth, Catch the voices ringing in the room. It is an item that catches some external noise. In Korea, the price is higher, so I bought it directly from Amazon.

Amazon Camera

I bought it from the small tail that I use when buying directly on Amazon. Because it was a set product, I bought it easily. So this product is for home recording people at home. It can be said that it is a beneficial product. I’ll explain the details of my camera. Braided! I installed it as high as my height. This is called a reflection filter. I purchased the headphones and microphone separately; The component is a reflection filter that filters out the noise! It spreads out like this. Braided! When unfolded, it looks like this.

When I sing here, a filter blocks it to prevent ringing. And the second pop filter! There is a pop filter that blocks the wind noise from the mouth. Finally, there are 3 sets of tripods. The tripod is very sturdy. So it’s cumbersome. So there is a sense of stability without shaking. It has three stages. The height is well adjusted. Even though my height is almost 180, the height fits well .

Solved Fortunately

There is the amount to fix the microphone. The pop filter can be used by fixing it to the microphone holder. Be careful as the pop filter is not strong enough to fix it well. You can fold and unfold. It’s so heavy. I tried to adjust the height… I’ve been hurt by falling on my face. I think you need to be careful when adjusting the height. The microphone I have is smaller than the cradle, and it flows down. I fixed it with a rubber band to tie my hair, and it was solved, fortunately.  After the corona, my husband continues to work at home in the next room.

The keyboard sound and meeting sound were not recorded at all. I think you bought it very well. I want to record musical instruments or vocals at home! If you do, I recommend it. A lot of second cats appear on the new Vlog channel .

Final Words

I have a rescued cat. I think I can tell you about my current situation so far. If you subscribe to the news channel, you can see my current status and cooking. The cover video is also uploaded, so please subscribe to the news channel if you are curious. Those who only watch fashion can stay on the channel now. Then today’s video will be here. See you again in another video sooner or later.