You can get fucked, not sleep, not eat, for several days not to open a book or start a single episode of the next, mega addictive series. Fall into a fantastic whirlwind of cleaning, baking, cooking, making more decorations because when it is Christmas, it must be perfect!
You can. But why?

What fun it is when you only have the strength to sleep after a week of such labor. On the other hand, since it’s Easter, it would be a pity to buy everything ready. After all, you can have a lot of fun preparing for these relaxed, lively spring holidays. We have it ourselves that we love to try our best for the holidays, but we cannot, for this reason, completely withdraw from everyday life. Let’s plan your Easter ideas and, instead of the number of dishes and decorations, choose those that will be pleasant and surprising.
And that is why we have prepared for you – and for us – a pre-Easter calendar of such ideas from Polish blogs, the implementation of which does not take too much time, and we suggest how to spread their preparation one week before Easter.


Christmas cards
The custom of sending cards is slowly returning to favor. Gosia from the blog Jaśkowe Klimaty shows a few not only cute but also easy-to-make cards. If you make them today and send them after the weekend, they will have time to reach family and friends and make them a great surprise.



This is the perfect time to plant it. It needs at least 5-7 days to grow up nicely, and it will be perfect and to eat and as a decoration, for example, in such a lovely wreath from Alicja, the author of the blog In Love with Art.


Playing with wood
There is no world without wood and DIY. Even if it collapses, it burns for a while. Such works must be found. You de-stress, you work physically, and your mood is better immediately. And some calories to burn so that you can go crazy during the holidays.

This year, we recommend playing in making such a wooden egg stand.


Christmas atmosphere for living 

Sometimes you need a bouquet of spring flowers, a base, or a few hyacinth seedlings. But if you want something special, we recommend the idea of ​​Gosia from the Odnawialnia blog, which has just shown a lovely patent for a straightforward and charming window or wall decoration.



Festive table 

There is nothing to cheat: the stores are full of tablecloths, napkins, centerpieces, candles, and other ready-made decorations for the table in an Easter atmosphere. And of course, when time is short, sometimes it’s easiest to buy ready-made ones. But again, we recommend that you save an hour (even the one we would spend in the queue at the cash register or running between the shelves :)) and do something of your own. Our hopping tablecloth cost pennies were made in an hour, and everyone must smile at the sight of a pink tail.


Time for sweet!

Some of the cakes can be prepared in advance (of course, if you have a strong will and do not eat them earlier). Nothing will happen to mazurkas (on the contrary, the shortbread will additionally crumble and be tastier), honey makers, or a woman like the one in the photo because it was made of date Doug. It also gets better after a few days of standing. Thanks to this, you can spread out baking so that you do not spend the entire Saturday in the kitchen.
We will also reveal to you one more recipe today, which we quite often make for Christmas – a chocolate block in the deluxe version.
You are looking for him in the picture, and you cannot see…. it’s those chocolate bugs!
For a cake that does not need to be baked, that can easily wait up to a week to eat and is a decoration in itself, you need:

  • ½ glass of milk
  • ¾ cup of sugar (or even a little less)
  • Four tablespoons of cocoa
  • about 20 g of dark, high-quality chocolate
  • 250 g of butter (you can try with margarine, but butter is better)
  • 2 cups of powdered milk
  • almond aroma plus half a glass of amaretto
  • a pack of biscuits
  • a few almonds
  • a small handful of raisins
  • a small handful of dried cranberries, and if you manage to buy candied cherries, cut the almonds into medium-sized pieces together with the dried fruit, pour a little boiling water, add a few drops of aroma and amaretto. Put the milk, sugar, butter, and cocoa into a pot and heat it on low power until the ingredients combine. (Note: we do not boil it)
    Gradually add powdered milk to the dissolved mixture by mixing or stirring quickly with a whisk. We integrate until a homogeneous mass is obtained and add the rest of the aroma. In the end, pour in the almonds and dried fruit and combine them thoroughly.
    Of course, you can put the mass into a cake mold, but we recommend smaller silicone molds, e.g., in the shape of worms (although this year we will have something ultimately, completely different!) And put it in the freezer. And we try to forget about the block until Christmas.


Burgundy eggs 

They not only look but also taste amazing. According to Małgorzata’s recipe from the Karmelowy blog, marinated eggs are a great idea because apart from the fact that they will decorate the table in themselves and delight all guests, you can, indeed, have to prepare them three days earlier. Thanks to this, at the last moment, one dish to be embraced will fall off.


Easter eggs alternative 

The perfect time to prepare Easter eggs. We fell in love with Natalia from the blog Zróbtosama. Pl about how to make spotted eggs. You have to jump into it to find out how simple and surprising it is.


It’s time for baby.
It’s no secret that on Saturday, a lot of cooking and baking takes place.
However, be sure to remember this recipe, which one dad once found in an old newspaper and kept to this day.

A bit mocking, a bit ironic today, we would say politically incorrect, but when we fall into the pre-Christmas fever too much, it can bring down the enthusiasm to prepare like nothing. It would be enough for a whole month.
Or maybe you have some tricks and tricks on how to prepare for the world to be festive and to have time for yourself?