Creative skills absolutely for free, guys, so you can get started with this and double down. Do as many of these as you can in the first month and absolutely crush. I’m going to show you the price in a second. It’s so cheap, guys, even if you wanted to pay for this because the amount of money you can make is insane, so let’s say you come over to the business side of things, guys. You wanted to come over here, and you wanted to learn about sales. All you do is click onto any one of these, okay, and then you can start to do the course and make money, obviously.

If you come over here, I mean, you’ve got obviously web design, and then you’ve got video, etc. so how would you make money with this well once you complete one of these courses, what happens is on LinkedIn it’s going to show in your profile that you’ve completed this course like certification and then you can use that certification to go onto different platforms so that you can provide services for these different courses for example if you wanted to you could come over to a site like for example and create yourselves a gig as a freelancer and provide these services now I want you to keep watching because at the end of this video.

How to Make Thousand Dollars

I’m going to show you exactly how you can make a passive income. This is just one way that you can do this, and when you come over here, guys, and if you type in web design as an example, you can see where we’re going to have a look at some freelancers that are doing this and absolutely crushing it I mean take a look at these guys made twenty thousand dollars two thousand dollars ten thousand dollars guys when you come down here you’re gonna find people that have made fifty thousand dollars twenty thousand dollars there is a lot of opportunity with this site when you learn this stuff guys for you to take this out into the real world and to make money online and more importantly to make the passive income I mean this is just one thing over here.

We also saw that they had video editing for example so you come over here guys you type in video editing you could create a gig in so many of these different areas guys that you would be inundated with work i mean have a look at this guys fifty dollars an hour seventy thousand dollars and six thousand dollars and four thousand dollar zone so much opportunity guys what you need to do is you need to come over to this site have a look at all these different categories decide for yourself what you’d like to learn go over here complete this course then come over to sites like and create these gigs another site that you can go to guys is people per hour people per hour requires you to have some form of certification this is perfect you can show them that you’ve completed this course on linkedin and that you have the qualifications to be able to bid for some of these gigs and when you come over here guys take a look at web development you can come over here guys there are things that need to be done that are very quick you can make a quick hundred dollars you can make a quick four hundred and fifty dollars.

Excel Spreadsheet Accounting Skills

You can make a quick six hundred and forty-four dollars. The sky is the limit with this strategy because all the knowledge is in front of you. All you need to do is come over here and learn exactly what you need to do, but how can you triple down with this to make some serious money where you’re not required to continue to do the work over and over again a lot of the courses that I found on here that I really liked were courses about excel spreadsheet accounting all those sorts of things where you can visually describe something and to make money with that and to make passive income all you need to do is come over to a site like now this site you can come over here guys. You can create straightforward five-minute, 10-minute, 15-minute minute half an hour tutorials if you want, just like I’m creating this video today.

you can upload this onto skillshare and once you upload this onto skillshare people can come over here and look for these different tutorials and you get paid per minute you’re literally going to get paid for every single minute that somebody watches your course and we saw how many courses that these guys had you can literally come over here and create a video in every single one of these courses and you can absolutely crush it so you want to come over here you want to click on to get started once you click on to get started guys and you sign up you can come over and have a look at a lot of these courses for free or you can go premium i’ll show you the price of this.

Final Word

I’ll show you the price of linkedin and in a second but you can do all this you can start all this for free hit the ground running and start making money and then decide if this is for you but more importantly you can still get an awesome course out of this and some skills that you can take with you to make money online and when you come over here guys i typed in spreadsheets and have a look at these guys 497 students have watched this course it’s a two hour course 50 students this is a new course that’s just been created.