I brought you to primary educational videos. I will bring them in the future. Cryptocurrency is a popular topic these days. So I thought it is better to prepare a video about that. While I was searching about bitcoin, I found a website called Crypto games. This is a crypto gambling website, or we can call it an online casino, But most people are looking for FREE Bitcoin or FREE Ethereum. They are searching for that kind of website. Some of them earn BTC by ad clicking the reason review about this website is, they give some amount of free cryptocurrencies daily. We can play games using that free balance and win. Then we can withdraw the balance we won without any issue. Now you will have a question because this is a gambling website, “shouldn’t we deposit.” the answer is “NO, no need to deposit.” you can win and withdraw using a free balance.

They give this free amount to test this website. If you are a lucky and smart person, you can win more without a deposit. You can register using the URL ithe n description. After that, do your email verification. After doing the SMS verification, you can deposit, withdraw, exchange your balances, and play games. There are three important features on this website. I will mention them. This is the opening of this website’s user interface. Select PLAY NOW, then select the type of currency. You can choose any and get registered. I have already registered. So this is the interface after register. First, I will describe the basics of this website. They allow us to play using 10 different coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Lite coin …

How to Exchange Your BTC

Also, play money . that coin is used to represent cryptocurrencies, but it is not a cryptocurrency. We can play using them and can not withdraw. We can only exchange play money for other currency. You have an individual account balance for these 10 different coins. You can play games using any currency. What are the games you can play here? They provided 8 games to play. This is the dice game. Besides the dice game, this interface can play Roulette, Blackjack, minesweeper, Slot, Plinko, and Lottery. I am not gonna explain all games. I will explain a bit about this dice game. What you have to do here is, You have to predict the next generated number. You can bet any amount you wish to play you are predicting; the next number is ROLLOVER 50.499. or ROLL UNDER 49.995. Also, you can increase the payout now. I am in 9900 payouts. In this, I predict the next number is ROLLOVER 99.989. You have to predict and win this is the game called “Roulette.” using that, you can get know about the procedure, this is the minesweeper game we played in our childhood. We have to select correct squares that do not contain a mine. You can cash out after you won the amount you want without selecting a mine.

This is the Auto bet option. If you don’t want to play manually, you can use this option to play automatically, so this is a very user-friendly website. The main reason to review this website is this free Crypto amount, and there are other two reasons. I will tell you about the other two. In forwarding the top right corner, you can see “your account.” select it. Then you can see Deposit, withdraw, and exchange. You can deposit using your bank account or a crypto wallet. You can also exchange your BTC balance to ETH balance; likewise, you can exchange your balances. Also, using this withdraw option, you can withdraw your balance after reaching the minimum amount. This is an important one. “Rewards ” option. This faucet is the free amount they give daily.

Final Words

You can request faucets every 3 minutes if your balance is less. You can request any coin you want. This is the initial amount you will get after registering when you are playing. You increase levels. There are 35 levels. When you reach higher levels you will get a larger amount as free then you can win fastly. Also, you can invite your friends and get a referral commission. I will explain these two tabs in forwarding. That’s it. This is very easy to go and create an account using my referral link. you will have a nickname. Do the email verification and the SMS verification Under this “KYC verification ” tab. You can verify anything you wish. These are very basics about this.