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Why India vs. Pakistan T20 World Cup 2021 Match Can Not Be Cancelled


The T20 world cup match between India and Pakistan on 24 October 2021 cannot be canceled. India vs. Pakistan match is usually the most-watched conflict during a series of the world cup, no matter it happens as 50 over edition or T20 edition. 

From the preceding days, there has been thriving objection for canceling the match between India vs. Pakistan by various politicians of India. Regarding some politicians, India will not play with Pakistan due to recent killings in Jammu and Kashmir. But there is no opportunity for the more significant conflict to be canceled. 

Here below, we will discuss about what are the reasons that the T20 match between India and Pakistan cannot be canceled.

   1.) Due to Strictness of ICC Rules

 ICC (International Cricket Council) regulates the t20 world cup world. The rules and regulations of ICC match indeed say that no team can be declined to play with another. So, India cannot be able to challenge to not play with Pakistan. 

The vice president of BCCI, Rajiv Shukla, also affirmed the same statement; he declared that "we firmly censure the killings of Jammu and Kashmir. Serious action will be taken towards terror groups. Considerably, the T20 match between India vs. Pakistan is concerned; following ICC, you cannot decline to play with each other. You must have to play in ICC matches." 

2.) Sacrificing points

If India denies playing with Pakistan and does not take a big step, they will suffer from strict ICC actions. Not much at all; they will also have to sacrifice their points for the tournament, which will be an extensive loss in a big competition as world cup T20. 

It will considerably beat India as the industrial end of the competition approaches. It will also cease their command over Pakistan in a world Cup tournament. Since 1992 India never granted points to Pakistan throughout the loss. Each time both teams appeared in the world Cup, and irrespectively of the organization, India has succeeded and won. 

 3.) All matches Matters

In a world Cup tournament, every tournament matters. Discussing the T20 World Cup, India is fixed in Group 2 concerning the 12 super rounds. Besides Pakistan, they will challenge Afghanistan and New Zealand, other than the qualifications of the two countries. 

The Kiwis have been India's competitive for an extended period in ICC events. In 2000 they defeated India to get the champions trophy. India hasn't defeated New Zealand in an ICC tournament in the 2003 world cup match. So, If India sacrifices in the Pakistan tournament and drops to New Zealand, their qualifications will be at significant risk in the semi-finals.

Final Verdict

Both teams (India and Pakistan) are qualified for the semi-finals from their organization, and with both countries winning their semi-final encounter, the Asian countries will again overcome face to face in the final tournament. Imagining India abandoned the match, they will have to play the last game as well. They absolutely cannot bear it, and it can't be why India declined to play in the final tournament. Regarding all these reasons, it concludes that the match of India and Pakistan will be held on 24 October in Dubai would go onward as per schedule policy.     


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