What’s up, guys? It’s a wiz. Welcome back to your channel if you’re new here. I am a Canadian dividend growth investor who researches and buys big and trustworthy dividend and growth stocks in Canada. I also cover a lot of information about investing in Canada so if you’re into that, follow the channels get to know the Kane stock market together. Today I’ll be going over 12 stock picks for January to look into and even invest in to keep in mind these stocks are all available on the TSX. Don’t forget to leave a like so my article gets out there so other kidney investors can benefit. Be sure also to comment on a stock you are getting into. Thanks as always. Before getting into the paper and going through our list, if you are looking to start investing and currently reside in Canada, you should consider joining the simple wealth trade. They are a zero dollar commission Canadian broker and are genuinely one of the best brokers for trading Canadian stocks. They do have conversion fees.

TSX current Value

If you buy us stock, there are no fees involved when purchasing a Canadian store, plus if you use my link in the description and deposit a hundred dollars. We both get ten dollars. Remember the earlier you start investing, the better, so if you’re a Canadian like me and looking to start investing, you should consider joining well simple trade also leave a like if you enjoyed it since this helps my channel and thank you in advance to kick off a new year this is a tech company we have kinesis sticker symbol xs on the TSX it is currently at 178.67 this is a high flying tech stock, uh so tech stocks stole the show in 2020 investors witnessed an incredible bull run following. The pandemic market crash, which was primarily driven by the tech sector kinesis, initially rebounded very well from last year’s market crash but has since run out of steam the tech company saw. Its share price more than doubles from April April to early august since August is down 20 percent. The tech company provides an invaluable service for its customers. Its cloud-based subscription software helps with demand and supply planning, inventory management, and order fulfillment, all of which have been extremely important in a year.

Annual Growth Rate of the Stock Exchange

That saw massive changes in consumer shopping behavior online, especially with plenty of growth still ahead in the tank. This is one of the tech stocks that you’ll want to buy while it’s trading at a rare discount. In my opinion, next, we have a fortis sticker symbol that fits on the TSX. It is currently at 51.17. One thing Canadian investors in the new year need its security as lockdowns sweep across the country. It’s an excellent time to look back and see what stocks manage to remain stable even during a  market crash. Fortis is one of those stocks. The company provides utilities across North America and continues to grow through acquisitions, even during this downturn during the latest earnings report management announced. It’s been uh business as usual with adjusted earnings per share at  65 cents dividend growth around six percent each year. Even a new 19.6 billion dollar five-year capital plan for shares investors has not seen much movement this year since the crash. Still, over the last decade, the company sports a 10-year compound annual growth rate of two 6.25 percent making it a perfect buy and hold stock for decades to come in my opinion next, we have n child system sticker symbol e n g h on the TSX it is currently for 64.60  and house systems had a bit of a revenue miss in its recent fourth-quarter. Hence, the stock took a ten cut, yet for patient investors, this is a great buying opportunity for 2021.

The company is a free cash flow juggernaut. In 2020 it produced a significant 150 million dollars of free cash flow and 30  percent free cash flow margin after announcing a dollar and fifty per share special dividend. Some investors got spooked that growth might be slowing, yet I see it more as a growth might be delayed a few quarters. In the meantime, you get to own cash giving stock with around  150 million dollars of net money. A great line of digital products article conferencing data slashes network visualization and attractive upside once that capital is deployed next. We have pato exploration and development ticker symbol pey on the TSX. It is currently for three dollars and 27 cents. I’m looking ahead to a world with a vaccine. I’m looking forward to a time when natural gas gets the credit it deserves pato explore exploration. Sorry is one of the lowest-cost natural gas producers. It has a repeatable and predictable asset base. It has been focused on profit since before this was the norm. This shows how patois the perfect natural gas stock to buy if you believe honest prices uh are heading higher. Natural gas is one of those commodities that doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. It’s cleaner than many energy sources. It’s abundant. It’s cheap. It can be helpful. It can help fuel an economic recovery.

Final Words

It can also help transition us to clean energy, especially with Biden coming. I think this is an outstanding stock to hold. Pato has held its own during these last few years of rock bottom natural gas pipe grass prices. Sorry, it will be. I think it will be ready for higher prices next year, like I said, especially with uh president-elect Biden incoming next. We have the nouveau ticker symbol nve I on the TSX. It is currently for 66.06 dollars. This company is an up-and-coming contender.