They can’t be valued because their assets do not pay cash flows like bonds, which pay interest or shares. He compared cryptocurrency to gambling and warned that one should be prepared to lose his entire stake. Mike Novogratz, who predicted that Bitcoin would sell for ten thousand in twenty eighteen and his prediction was correct, also predicted that Bitcoin could reach sixty-five thousand dollars in twenty-one. He tweeted that he bought more Bitcoin at fifteen thousand eight hundred dollars and that Bitcoin will twenty thousand dollars and from there to sixty-five thousand. How many of you watched Game of Thrones? Well, if you did, then you should know Stark. Maisie Williams played Aria Stark in the series, and Mike made this prediction when he was advising Mazey to buy Bitcoin, and he told her specifically to go ahead and buy.

This happened in November. Twenty-twenty. The volatility of bitcoin is of concern. Consider the recent bull run, and the speed at which it moves the run from seventeen thousand to forty-two thousand was completed in less than a month, and now the price is beginning to fall. Should you panic now? That would be a bad thing to do. Experts say that this pullback is healthy for bitcoin price and that the market is going to consolidate. Let’s look at the chart. This chart shows the Bitcoin movement at the beginning of the month. You can notice the high volatility and rapid bullish movement. Then there’s the start of the bearish trend, and there are three support lines. The first support line is the upper blue line of the forty thousand marks. Notice how Bitcoin tested the support line before embarking on a downward trend. The second support line of the green horizontal line is thirty-five thousand.

Bitcoin Bullish Run

The price is expected to test the support line and bounce off. Otherwise, there’s a lower support line and slightly above thirty thousand, and Bitcoin is not expected to exceed the support line on its bearish line. Basically, the next thing that is expected is that Bitcoin will continue on its bullish run after testing the support line. As noted earlier, experts have analyzed that it’s healthy for the price to fall slightly to regain momentum for the bulls. So I’ve been sharing some warnings about Bitcoin with you, and I’ve shown you different projections for Bitcoin in twenty, twenty-one, and beyond. Also, we’ve talked about a few factors that may affect these projections. I also want to add this morning because I really don’t want you to lose your money in this cryptocurrency space.

The warning is about Bitcoin scams. In twenty, we experienced a wild hijack of the Twitter accounts of notable figures like Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Michael Bloomberg, and others. The accounts were then used to scam people of their hard-earned bitcoins. Hackers also compromised accounts of exchanges like finance and coindesk. You’ve got to be very careful and be wary of offers that are too good to be true. Suppose you don’t want to lose your bitcoins to scammers and Internet thieves. So be wary of these people in their tactics. New Bitcoin or should look up ways to protect themselves on the Internet. I’ll drop a few points just very quickly. One of them does not use public wi-fi to access your financial accounts—the same thing with your bitcoin wallets and other cryptocurrency wallets. If you must do, you can protect yourself with a VPN. Also, of course, be careful.

Last Words

Don’t click on any suspicious links. All right, so according to the charts and from all we’ve considered, it’s a wise thing to look into investing in Bitcoin for the long term. The prices change frequently, and we’re likely to see bearish moments as much as bullish moments. But in the long term, we hope to see some amazing bullish runs in general with Bitcoin chasing after these projections. Don’t forget about the warnings, too. I’m sure they’ll help you make good decisions. We hope this video satisfies your curiosity and answers your questions. If you enjoyed it, kindly give us thumbs up and subscribe to our channel. Don’t forget to turn on your post notifications; you can get notified as soon as we have a new post. The earlier you get information, the better. So you can make wise decisions. You can also engage with me and others in the comments section below. Good luck, and see you next time.