Well, that and the 4 000 price tag it’s currently going for on eBay as of filming, but perhaps there is something to the rog Strix cards. A good vrm cooling solution factory overclock, and aesthetics can go a long way to making a GPU great, so in front of these bricks, today’s topics include the Strix to see if its bag of tricks can fix the sics of the skeptics and become one of your picks so actually I recorded the intro to this video for my full review of the Strix 3090 which is coming soon. Still, I felt like it worked for this one too, so I just used it. Today you’re watching will be more of an unboxing of the white Strix, now a word on unboxings personally.

I don’t find much value in unboxing videos. I think they’re the low hanging fruit of tech youtube, so in general, you won’t find me doing many unboxing videos on this channel unless it’s sponsored or it’s a hot item or something like that. The white stripe is a  pretty hot commodity right now, and this video was requested, so we’re doing it, and you know I might even leave it as unlisted I’m not sure yet but let’s unbox this bad boy, so here it is it’s a lovely card in a nice box. It’s not that different from the black box you can uh you can see there they are pretty similar it’s they just took the paint bucket tool flood-filled black inverted the text to white that seems to be about the same. Still, we’re not here for the black. We’ll compare it next to the black one in a little bit. We are here to open this bad boy. It’s always exciting the fresh opening of an electronics box. Oh, we’ve got foam, and there it is in all its glory. Now, this is something.

Gamers Card Limited Edition

I did not see in the black one, but maybe I didn’t look for it. I’ve got uh some white cable ties that look like a four-inch ruler and this pouch with a ring. Wow, look at that. It’s like a super bowl ring. Holy moly, we’ll have to get a close-up of this ring in the b-roll, but that this is pretty ballin’. I have to say this uh, nothing like this came in the black one. We’ll get to the card in a moment. I want to see what else is in here. This looks like the standard manual oh, okay, what do we have here? We have a republic of gamers like a card limited edition rog Strix GeForce RTX 30 series graphics cards featuring white shroud,  backplate, frame, and fans to match white themed rigs. Okay. Then we have this, which is decorative. You can stick it to the back of the card if you choose, then we have the warranty card. Thank you for purchasing an Asus graphics card speed setup, so this is your manual in various languages, and finally the main event oh you know what, I’m not going to be very careful with it I’m just going to cut it look at that that is gorgeous a beautiful card uh here.

We’ve got p mode and q mode. There are two bios on this. One is performance. One is exceptional, uh in my experience, they both perform the same the only difference is that the silent mode, at least this is, you know, true for the black Strix. The quiet way doesn’t spin the fans up as much, so your thermals get slightly higher. However, it still performs the same, so as long as you’re not, you know, in 90 c plus ambient, you’ll probably be okay and not dead.

Ports and to HDMI

We’ve got our NV link port here, which I’m going to leave that on there’s your PCIe, your triple eight-pin power then uh here we have three display port uh ports and two HDMI  along with the triple fan now I believe these two go counterclockwise.

While the center one goes clockwise, so here we have the white and the black strix side by side, I feel it’s important to re-emphasize that they do perform identically, and uh to Asus credit, they haven’t made any claims at all about the white Strix being more premium or anything it’s just its relative scarcity has caused the community to push that idea but let’s take a look at the similarities and the differences the number that’s down here I’m not sure what this number is for. Still, it is the same number on both of them. It’s two five-point, one two four eight three nine one two one point four seven one one four five and that is the same on each.

Last Words

We’ve got the white body we have this ribbed area that is uh the same, so it’s the same molding just a different color these accented areas here these are uh looks like there’s a very slight gray pattern on the white one that says republic of gamers you can’t even you can’t see that it says republic of gamers. Still, I see it as part of the word republic. It is a rog, which is what the republic of gamer stands for. You have a very similar print on the black one except that the accents are, uh, seemingly brushed aluminum. It looks like in any case, the centers of the fans, uh these are silver these are white with silver accents, so it’s black on silver on white and then let’s flip it to the back this has a lot more fingerprints on it because I have been testing it but uh let’s um let’s do the peel.