How to Get Prize Money in Directly in Your Bank Account :

Moving forward with digitization, SBP BSC has presented a direct prize money to the plaintiff's account. Direct wage debt greatly reduces the time and number of steps involved in obtaining your cash prize at the SBP BSC offices.

The form used to claim the prize money has been reconstituted by SBP BSC and can be easily downloaded.

The newly designed form has a specific section to fill in details such as name, CNIC number, expiration date of CNIC, address, email of contact numbers and specify the taxpayer's status eg if the applicant is on file or non-file.

The next major change in the application form for a mortgage loan is to choose how to pay the prize money.

For prizes up to PKR 18,500 / -, you can choose to pay the prize in cash or direct debit to your bank account (bank loan). If you choose a bank loan, you are given a receipt at the time of applying for your prize money and the money is deposited into your bank account on the same day or the next working day.

For prizes over PKR 93,000 / - and above the claimant can only choose a bank loan and the payment order by payment is terminated by SBP BSC.

When choosing a bank loan, you will need to specify your bank name, branch name, account title and IBAN number. Your IBAN number is printed in your new checkbook. You can also use your IBAN banking tool on the website to find your IBAN.