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Prize Bond 200 - After Pakistan became independent, various economic policies have been adopted to benefit its people and meet its financial needs. In 1960, the State Bank of Pakistan, on behalf of the Ministry of Finance, launched a prize bond scheme to provide a safe and secure method for the public to invest their money. People can get the prize bond 200 from all commercial banks or National Savings Centers if they wish to purchase the prize bond 200. Various denominations of prize bonds are available from the SBP authorized banks, and the claimants may choose to invest their amount of cash into those prize bonds. Prize bond 200 draw are conducted by the concerned authority online; the prize money is announced through the draws. It is easy to earn profit over trading the prize bonds when you participate in the prize bond lucky draws, which is the easiest way to win the prizes.

prize bond 200 draw result

The National Savings Pakistan held a draw to award Rs. 200 prize bonds on 15-Sep-2021 at Muzaffarabad. Prize bond result of Rs. 200 will be announced in Hyderabad on 15th December 2021. This is draw 88 of the Rs. 200 Prize Bond.

The SBP started offering prize bonds in 10 and 100 rupee denominations with the prize bond scheme launch. Following the introduction of the prize bond concept by the Central Directorate of National Savings (CDNS), the CDNS introduced other denominations of prize bonds in Pakistan. As a result, prize bonds now have different prize proportions, and their value varies. As well as getting the prize bond draws, interested individuals can also obtain the prize bond 200 draw results 2021 for the first, second, and third places. This page contains details of the prize bond 200 draw result 2021.


The latest prize bond draw for bond 200 held at Muzaffarabad on 2021-09-15 the detail of first and second prizes are as follow. You can

(1) Prize(s) of Rs.750,000/-


(5) 2nd Prize(s) of Rs.250,000/-

368787 412125 437022 490233 759209

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Those interested in purchasing prize bonds 200 can do so at the National Savings Center or in branches of all commercial banks, while those interested in purchasing other denominations of prizes can do so online as well. For each prize bond 200 draws, there is a common draw procedure. Prize bond 200 lucky draws 2021 can be arranged by the State Bank of Pakistan and CDNS.

200 prize bond list 2021

Prize bond lucky draws are announced four times a year for each denomination. Approximately every three months, the SBP manages the prize bond draws for each denomination, significantly increasing the chances of holders of prize bonds winning prizes. The government has approved Pakistan Security Printing Corporation to print the prize bonds, but if the people want to purchase original prize bonds, they need to make sure they invest in the bonds. Each prize bond denomination is subject to specific security, implemented for the people, and accompanied by a government of Pakistan reverse and rainbow colour printing.

Rs 200 prize bond draw result list

Prize bonds 200 are sold to consumers by banks and CDNS, and they have specific rules and regulations. About 60 days before the announcement of the prize bond draws, the banks sell prize bonds 200 and other denominations to the public. CDNS awards prize bonds upon the information of the winning numbers. When the winners receive the winning number, they must contact a CDNS branch to obtain the application form and submit the winning number along with their CNIC. The original prize bond, along with its copy, must also be presented to any branch of SBP under six years after it was won, as well as the winning amount of the prize bond.

To purchase the prize bond 200, you should check the prize bond 200 lists 2021 with detailed information available online. To keep the public up-to-date regarding prize bond draw results, the SBP posts the new information online. The prize bondholders can check their prize bond 200 lists 2021 by gaining access to the latest updates on the draw.

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Prize Bond Date City Draw # List
200 2019-03-15 Multan 77 List
200 2019-06-17 Muzaffarabad 78 List
200 2019-09-16 Lahore 79 List
200 2019-12-16 Peshawar 80 List
200 2020-03-16 Muzaffarabad 81 List
200 2020-06-15 Quetta 82 List
200 2020-09-15 Peshawar 83 List
200 2020-12-15 Rawalpindi 84 List
200 2021-03-15 Faisalabad 85 List
200 2021-06-15 Peshawar 86 List
200 2021-09-15 Muzaffarabad 88 List