Rs.1500 Prize Bond Draw No 83 held in Multan on 2020-08-17 First:-076060 Second:-344671 354844 683780

Rs.100 Prize Bond Draw No 31 held in Quetta on 2020-08-17 First:-203249 Second:-342734 663116 941637

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National Savings Prize Bond List 2020

The award-winning bond scheme is one of the best ways to make money in the short term. Luck plays a big role in winning a prize bond. In Pakistan, the prize bond scheme is considered a gold investment and carrier security. Not only is it easier but it is a legitimate source of effort to win the prize for a lucky draw.

National Savings Pakistan is another type of bond introduced, also known as the "Student Welfare Bond". These bonds are available at National Saving Centers, Post Office and all organized banks. National Director Zafar Mehmood has taken the initiative.

The Prize Bonds list is available at PKR 100, PKR 200, PKR 750, PKR 1500, PKR 7500, PKR 15000, PKR 25000, and PKR 40000. These prize bonds are awarded in sequence. Each series of series includes one under 1,000,000 bond. Prize drawings are monitored on a quarterly basis.